Bulgarian rap icon and fashion guru who got the sauce. Meet V:RGO, with whom we bring you a short interview about autumn and what belongs to it. How does he feel about the autumn depression, what does he watch during autumn and what is the trend of this season of falling leaves?

Where do you love to spend your autumn?

I love spending my time wherever there are people who I resonate with, the season shouldn’t be a factor in how we feel to be spending our time, well maybe just a little bit, haha…

What do you think will be the most significant trend of autumn 2022?

I don’t vibe with the “trend” thing, but as an inevitable consumer, it’s almost impossible to not rock something that’s becoming or is already a trend. I try to wear whatever I feel comfortable in, cause when you trust your intuition you cannot mess up. Even if you materially “look weird” in the eyes of the “herd”, on the other hand, you FEEL awesome – that’s what you’re giving out. Stay authentic and you’ll attract what you need, not what you think you want. This is kinda my mantra these days and I feel it goes for all aspects and not just fashion-wise.

What makes autumn unique to you compared to other seasons?

If we speak about fashion and clothing I love autumn cause you can rock a lot of layers in comparison to summer/winter where you must rock either a shirt and shorts in summer because otherwise, you’ll die… Or in winter – a big jacket/coat that’s kinda determining your whole silhouette no matter what you got underneath it as layering.

What shoes are the best for nasty weather?

The ones that you don’t give a damnnn to mess up, haha.

Are there any rain boots in your shoe closet?

Yeah, if Dr. Martens are considered rain shoes, I might have to get some more, cause I don’t like getting my socks soaked ?

Are you experiencing autumn depression? Do you have any tips for fighting it?

I don’t think that a season should determine your depression session. Maybe it’s more likely that you connect your past periods of being in this state with certain weather or a place, which could usually be Winter or Autumn cause of the lack of Sun energy and body movement… Yeah of course Autumn brings a bit of melancholy but I believe it’s also depending on your prism for how you see things. I think we should stop seeing this season as an opportunity to procrastinate important things or “just chill” and watch movies and lay on the couch all day. We should try and break the curse of the rain clouds making us cozy and lazy and find something that makes us not get stuck and stagnant in our energy. It’s perfect weather to try and work out or go for a forest walk, get dirty, and reconnect with nature… Live yours.

Beautifully put! Now a question that goes a little against that – give us a tip on the perfect autumn series or a movie everyone should watch.

This would sound hypocritic if I answer after the previous question, hahaha… I like watching Naruto with my girl, cause it’s well thought out and we find a lot of lessons and not only consumption of intrigues, I’m not fanatic about not laying on the couch but doing it while being as productive or at least not unproductive as possible.

Finally, tell us the must-haves from your wardrobe for this time of year.

Hoodies! Hoodies, maybe in neutral tones, I like how they fit with some vests, let’s say The North Face vest, some slightly oversized denim and whatever kicks… Mix it up, try something and see how it feels.

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