Do you know what makes the 11th of November special? It’s Singles Day – single or not, we’ve decided to approach this from a different angle and dedicate it to celebrating self-love. Today, you can get, among other things, a completely free pair of sneakers. How? Keep reading.

It might be your lucky day. Till midnight, on orders with three items, you get the cheapest one completely free.

As we mentioned already, this isn’t exclusively for single people. And since there isn’t a #selflove day yet, we’ve decided to celebrate it with all the singles around. Think about self love as an investment in yourself.

The 2+1 promotion is valid till midnight – the price of the cheapest product is automatically deducted from your order. So check our offers out and get yourself something nice – how about LEGO, a hat, or a T-shirt?

We’re releasing our own sneakers in collaboration with Filling Pieces – you can sign up for the raffle (it ends at midnight 13th) if you are interested.