On Monday, 7th of November, the opening of our exhibition, which we organized to celebrate our 11th anniversary, took place at the Mánes Gallery in Prague. With 11 paintings by Martin Lukáč, which combine the visual identity of Footshop with real art, an exhibition of the essential artefacts of our decade on the market, a wall surrounded by 11 major milestones, speeches by the main protagonists, a gig and also DJ sets. Take a look at the photo report and be reminded of what the place was like.

More than 500 of you showed up. Artists, influencers, our friends and random passers-by enjoyed a Monday evening of art, culture and music at Mánes. On the stage, we had Peter Hajduček, the founder of Footshop, Martin Lukáč, the author of a series of paintings, and Aleš Najbrt and Michal Dolejš from Studio Najbrt, who created our new logo last year. During the evening, Annabelle, the winner of the Anděl Award in the category of the discovery of the year, also took the stage and was replaced by Kewu and Stopsteady with their DJ sets towards the end of the evening.

Filip Poreba captured all the highlights through his lens, and you can now look back on Monday’s event. And now for the photos:

PHOTO: Filip Poreba

Once you’ve had a look, continue reading for an interview with Marek Kotalik, in which we focused not only on debunking myths about Tourette’s syndrome.