Valery, founded by David Nikolov when he was just 17, is a Czech streetwear brand built on upcycling. David studies design and fashion in Prostějov, where he, in his own words, ended up completely by accident. Sustainability and upcycling are an integral part of his work, which makes Valery a perfect fit for the Footshop Upcycling Project.

David wants to create a smaller collection from the provided products – so far, we were able to witness two of his collections, one at Fashion Designer Show Brno 2020 and a collaboration with Skedda.

“I get my inspiration from a lot of places, situations I’ve experienced also play a big role. Often, I’m inspired by people, my thoughts, feelings or music and other forms of art,” said David.

How would you describe your style?

As a combination of styles, mainly streetwear, but there’s a growing number of elements of techwear, classy etc. Upcycling and sustainability plays a pivotal role in my work. I try to process my inspiration into clothes that reflect my thoughts or feelings. You can see this in my second collection, “Summer Love”. I make art that you can wear.

Did you learn something important in the fashion industry?

I learned that there’s always room for improvement and that you need a great deal of patience.

How do you go about making and choosing the clothes you alter?

My creative process starts with coming up with an idea. Afterwards, I slowly start graphically processing all my inspirations and ideas. I start making mood boards, drawing concepts, and if I’m satisfied, I start sowing. As for choosing the clothes, it can be based on anything that grabs my attention – its colors, pockets, some sort of print. I immediately start thinking about how I could utilize it. Most often, I pick trousers, jackets, but it can also be like a dress with a floral print.

You started your brand when you were only 17-years-old, what was the hardest part?

At the beginning, the hardest part was staying disciplined. It’s hard to combine school, your own brand, friends and family. But I got a lot of support from both. Everything’s based on research – where to make prints, how to work with Instagram and so on. Luckily I was able to learn sewing at school.

What is your greatest success so far?

I’d say building my own brand from scratch.

Do you have any ambitions for the future?

In the future, I want to keep enjoying what I do and keep getting better in every aspect there is. As far as my brand goes, I’d like to take part in MBPFW, collaborate more with other artists and notice people on the street wearing my clothes. I’d like to make a positive impact on culture and our society.

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