Summer is over and it’s time to welcome another season. This time, the one that fashion lovers love the most – fall. New collections are already arriving at Footshop, which is aware that fall looks very different everywhere. But while we’re all divided by location and distance, we’re united by uniqueness – and that’s what you’ll find here.

When you say fall, one usually thinks of falling leaves, brown-coloured streets, and a weather forecast that perhaps too often mentions rain, thunderstorms and puddles. But it makes a big difference whether you experience this time of year in Sweden or in the south of Italy. Fall is simply different everywhere. And when you want to dress the whole of Europe in the best, it’s not easy. That’s why this year we decided to think of everything. Our premium and more casual sneaker and clothing collections have been selected to meet all requirements, whatever your fall may look like. What does that mean exactly? A mix of comfort, style and uniqueness that you won’t find anywhere else.

‘What does it mean exactly? A mix of comfort, style and uniqueness you won’t find anywhere else.’

We’re equipped with waterproof outdoor gear that you can take out on the glacier, but we’re not forgetting the multi-functional pieces that you can detach a few thermostatic parts from when it gets too hot. You’ll find streetwear that’ll take you to the top, but also streetwear that will make you a major icon at the next Fashion Week. And some collections even do both. Premium, outdoorsy, functional, extravagant and impractical – unique in every way. So come to Footshop to embrace what unites us all.

Our influencers from all over Europe, who have dressed up in Footshop’s fall collections, will also convince you that we are united by our uniqueness despite distance and different climates. You can also look forward to a short interview with each of them in the upcoming weeks.

Slovakia: Zayo


Bulgaria: Virgo


Czech Republic: Šárka Švastalová


France: Bisso


Hungary: Dzsúdló


Romania: Bianca Adam


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