Half a year on from the introduction of the new face of the iconic NMD series from three stripes, the futuristic adidas NMD S1 sneaker comes out in the dark “Core Black” colorway. Footshop accompanied the release of the model defining the presence of constant change with a custom editorial, video, and last but not least, hosted a themed dinner for our friends.

The S1, as the “Sneaker Number 1”, is a fusion for adidas of iconic elements with an undeniably privileged position in sneaker culture. At the same time, these elements are designed like never before. Comfortable Boost cushioning technology runs through the entire midsole in a translucent TPU shell, and the perfectly grippy 3D Primeknit covers the whole upper. The adidas NMD S1 is a shoe that builds its entire look and function around a philosophy and mindset, and probably that’s what makes its reality so functional and surprisingly comfortable. If you’re interested in learning more about the sneaker’s background, check out this article, which breaks down the first release and the mindset that went into it in more detail.

‘The adidas NMD S1 is a fusion of elements with a privileged position in sneaker culture. At the same time, these elements are designed like never before.’

To bring out the full essence of the new colorway’s futuristic silhouette, Footshop created a video that features action, calm, chaos, and balance in addition to the sneakers themselves. Quite like the life situations in which the NMD S1 s will always have your back.

The sneaker is out on August 12, when you can also find it online at Footshop:

Because the adidas NMD S1 “Core Black” deserves special attention, we also prepared dinner for our ten guests – friends and insiders of sneaker culture, on the occasion of their release. Among others, Annet X, Tomáš Třeštík and Anna Baum arrived.