Fashion magazines bombard me with “socks are trendy!” headlines. But to be honest, if you wear sneakers, you’ve always paid attention to what socks you choose to make them match your fit, while staying comfy all day. In short, they’re a part of your outfit and can often either bring it to perfection or completely wreck it. If you haven’t paid attention to this detail so far, this is the right article for you. We decided to create a complete guide on how to correctly choose and wear socks.


The length of the socks is one of the most important elements during your choosing. But don’t confuse length with the type of socks. Because there’s a difference between over the calf socks made for running (and so, made from a compressive material) and classic cotton socks from Nike. So what lengths are there? No-show, ankle, short crew, crew, over the calf… The length of your socks will affect your outfit, so I think it’s important to know what sneakers and what trousers you wear with your socks. Let’s take a look.


Invisible aka no-show socks

Sometimes you might run into terms such as “loafer socks” or “low profile socks”. I’ve come across people that hate these types of socks, and I don’t really get it. In my opinion, they’re the best type of socks for the summer – let me explain: these socks were created to hide them in sneakers, low boots, moccasins or slip-ons. Of course, there are certain occasions with certain dress codes where these socks aren’t suitable, but they’re great for school, work or hitting the pub with your friends. As far as sneakers are concerned, you’ll appreciate no-show socks with models like low-top Converse or pretty much any Vans modelEra, Authentic, Slip-on etc. Girls can wear these with a summer dress or skirt and some Dr. Martens. You can find all kinds of no-show socks on our website, under the socks category.

Ankle socks

These socks are longer than no-show socks but shorter than crew shorts. Although I have some ankle socks at home, I sometimes wish that they didn’t exist. You can see people wearing them wrong on a daily basis, wearing them with sneakers lower than the socks themselves, which can ruin their whole outfit, and the sneaker too – take a look at the picture and see for yourself. However, ankle socks are a brilliant choice for any kind of sport or, for example, hiking. And you can wear them without a problem with, say, a pair of Dunks and wide trousers (that you don’t cuff like in the second picture).

Short crew socks

Apart from being slightly longer than ankle socks and slightly shorter than regular socks, short crew socksmy favorite girl’s trend. They fit excellently to sweatpants or trousers with wide legs. Boys will appreciate them with mid or high-top sneakers. Off the top of my head, the adidas Forum 84 High or the Vans Sk8-Hi. I can also recommend them for sports and hiking. If you like these sneakers as much as me, just make that if you’re wearing Nike sneakers, wear Nike socks and not adidas (and vice versa). My eyes bleed every time I meet someone with a great outfit, only to find that they’ve got three stripes socks in Nike sneakers. Every time.

Crew socks

As I was doing my research, I tried to find a Czech equivalent to this term. And guess what – there isn’t one. However, you can find the word “crew” in every product title on our website. This is the most popular sock length, which is halfway up your calf. This means they hold well and are suitable to all types of trousers and shorts. When picking a pair of socks, be wary of material. I recommend 100% cotton, because they’re breathable and hold well. Also, size plays an important part – if you pick unnecessarily long socks, they’re going to slip and you’ll have to keep pulling them up. I’m speaking from experience. I like Nike’s crew socks the most, as they last long, don’t warp and fit brilliantly.

Over the calf socks

As the name suggests, these are really long socks. You probably won’t come across them in the streetwear domain, but they compliment a suit well, as they don’t slip. And if you sit down and your trousers come up a bit, your bare skin isn’t visible, which might be a faux pas for some dress codes. If it was -20° outside, I’d pick these socks with a pair of Doc Martens, which would prevent me from freezing.


As with other apparel, material is an important part of socks. The correct choice guarantees comfort, absorption and also whether or not the socks keep slipping all the time. Most commonly, you’ll come across materials like cotton, wool, bamboo, modal, silk, cashmere and polyester. Every material has their pros and cons that are important to know about when choosing a pair of socks.


100% cotton socks are durable, firm and retain heat. They’re suitable for everyday wear and more elegant outfits. But if you’re looking for socks for sports, stay away from these.


Wool socks are made from one of the best natural materials. They absorb moisture well, keep your feet either warm or cold, and even if you wash them 100 times, they still retain their shape. You can wear them while on a hike, accompanied by a pair of gore-tex sneakers. They’re also suitable for winter, when the heat is off or when all your colleagues hate the hot weather (trust me, I know what I’m talking about).


You’ll appreciate bamboo socks if you’re looking for a pair of breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial socks.


Modal is a very soft, comfy and durable material. It’s a great choice if you want to forget that you’re even wearing a pair of socks. To illustrate their comfiness, underwear is also made from modal.


It might not seem like it, but silk is a very firm material, that’s also known for its comfort and absorption properties.


The only material that isn’t natural and is often combined with cotton during production. It’s most commonly used with colourful socks, because the colour doesn’t fade and dries easily. But, if there’s something you really don’t want, it’s 100% polyester socks. They’re neither breathable nor comfortable. Ugh. I don’t even want to think about them.


If you’re a colourful person and can’t go without colourful socks, you’ve got to read this article. As with clothes, you need to proceed carefully with colourful socks. Choose accordingly, so at least one of the colours matches another part of your fit. When in doubt, make sure they match at least your trousers. Careful with black socks – I follow this rule: light sneakers – light socks, dark sneakers – dark socks.


This is a short recap for how to match the correct socks with your outfit and purpose. Need socks for sport? Ankle socks. Wide trousers? Longer socks. If you wear slim or skinny fit trousers, I recommend no-show socks (the same works if you need socks to fit with a skirt). With sweatpants, only wear classic length or short crew socks. In case I missed something or you’re looking for something specific I definitely recommend Pinterest for inspiration.

To cap this off, I’d like to remind you of three basic rules for wearing socks. One, always wear them in sneakers, no matter what. And two, if you want to wear socks in sandals, only when they’re stylish, quality sandals like the ones from Dr. Martens. In combination with quality socks. Not only will you feel more comfy, your feet will thank you too. And finally, neverwear adidas socks with Nike sneakers and vice versa. If your excuse is that you don’t have enough time to wash them, stock up at Footshop and your troubles are over.

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