By now you’d say that winter’s already gradually receding. But up until June, you can never be too sure, so I’ve come up with four winter outfits containing a wide range of choice streetwear that might come in handy in the next couple of months.

Winter outdoors

The first outfit is purely outdoor. To get these pictures, we went on a trip to Prague’s Divoká Šárka area, where I tested the durability of pieces that base their whole existence around it – most of the outfit’s Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear). If you read my summer outfit inspiration post, then you’re already familiar with the trousers that are also shorts. By the way, in that post I mentioned that the trousers are a great year-round pick, and I think the fact that I’m mentioning them again in a winter post proves my point.

The Lunar Puffer Jacket, also from ACG, won’t be defeated by the elements so easily. Apart from lots of insulation, it boasts all kinds of practical features such as the synthetic Primaloft® material, which was originally developed for the U.S. army.

Next, the outfit features a duffel bag from The North Face. At home, I have the yellow version and I can safely say that it accompanies me to all of my travels and hikes.

And last but not least, footwear. I went for the Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi collab version of the Amazon Trail LX model. Out of all the pieces of all the outfits here, this was the most pleasant surprise – the materials, the sole and the aesthetics all exceeded my expectations. But then again, what else do you expect from Vans’ premium division?

Hold up, what’s this? I’m inserting a sneak peek from the last outfit, which we prepared for our discount campaign. Most of it is the same – the biggest change is the Carhartt WIP jacket, which offers probably the best bang for your buck when you’re considering protection against the cold. The beanie is from our own collection, Footshop Essentials – you can find them on our website in 10 different colours.


Strangely enough, I ventured into the underground in probably the most elegant outfit out of these. But everything has a reason, and the reason here are the contrasts it offers. The first thing you notice is probably the A-COLD-WALL* sweatshirt. Full discretion – this is probably the heaviest piece of clothing I’ve ever held in my hand. Well, maybe not the heaviest, but it’s density is very surprising.

Next, I put the Coach Jacket from Y-3 on. This is a unique fusion of adidas and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto’s work. The trousers are from CDG and to be honest, I underestimated them a bit – not that I have anything against them, but the way their navy blue shade contrasts with the black upper probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The second fit features last year’s Salomon XT-4 silhouette. I wasn’t able to find them in my size on Footshop anymore, but luckily my colleague Viktor came through and lent me his pair – thanks!

Winter in the city

To me, the vibe of the last winter fit was clear from the start. Comfortable, non-formal clothes perfect for just hanging out with your friends. This fit has a couple of highlights, and I’ll start with the one you might not expect first – the perfect Master Pant trousers from Carhartt WIP. I can never find well-fitting trousers, and these were the rare exception.

Next up is the umbrella, which is also made by Carhartt. At first, I enjoyed the outward-facing pattern on it as it fitted well to The North Face vest. So when I opened it, I was very much surprised by the vibrant orange color on the inside – I know this shade from my ice cube maker (which is also made by Carhartt) and the contrast it gave the pictures of the last fit is priceless.

It’s time for the sneakers – I found this adidas CT86 model on Footshop by accident and at a large discount. This reinforced my conviction that if you truly look well, you’re bound to find some hidden gems, and that a bit of money can go a long way.

And last but not least, there’s the Vans Vault x Geoff McFetridge crewneck, which was incredibly comfortable and if you still have the chance to grab one on Footshop, you won’t regret it.

Thanks for sticking around. Spring’s around the corner, so you can look forward to another batch of inspiration from Footshop.

The pictures were taken by none other than @hypnodaze_ph.

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