You won’t find out about Veja’s quality and sustainability from an advertisement – the French brand relies on zero cost marketing, focusing on investing into reality instead. What does zero cost marketing mean, and how did the brand become an ecological inspiration for their competition? We welcome Veja, a new arrival at Footshop.

Terms like sustainability and ecology are an integral part of Veja’s identity, as showcased by several innovative ideas the company is based on. The fact that this might be the first time you’re hearing about Veja is probably because they have no marketing department. Veja conducted a survey that says about 70% of competitor’s budgets ends up in marketing. Veja would rather invest this money in quality materials and production, which has a much bigger impact, while not influencing the final price of the sneakers – Veja can afford this thanks to saving huge amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on marketing.


Veja’s approach to their ecological footprint should be a source of inspiration for other brands – one of the building blocks of trust is complete transparency of the manufacturing process, including for example information about used chemicals, cost of materials and employee salaries.

A great example in Veja’s choice of materials is the rubber the brand uses in their soles and/or midsoles. Out of 20-30%, the rubber is sourced from the Amazon – but it has nothing to do with the destructive rainforest exploitation big corporations do – on the contrary, the brand works with locals from protected areas, where they purchase the rubber for double the market price.

The wool Veja uses comes from farmer’s associations in Brazil and Peru, where production has to meet high ecological standards. And that’s not jumping on the bandwagon of the last couple of years – Veja has been buying wool straight from farmers for 15 years now.

The eco-friendly brand is active in much more similar fields – you can find out more details on their official website.

Now, you can find the Veja V-10 and the Veja Campo at Footshoptoo – understandably, the list of the brand’s products is going to increase in the future. So go ahead and grab a pair now.