What is the difference between the LX and the DX? Today I have a huge, but easy-to-understand dose of knowledge for you about one of the most essential brands not only for the sneaker world but also for the fashion industry as a whole. We’ll take a look at two special edition Vans that will make you know more the next time you shop and still end up with better sneakers in your shoe closet – the difference between the Vault and the Anaheim.

Individually, we’ve featured the Vans Vault and Vans Anaheim sneaker series on several occasions on our blog. Now for the first time, we decided to put them side by side. Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between two very similar models that differ only in their numerical or letter names at first glance. But this is only apparent. So how are Anaheim and Vault different?

Let’s start with the shared features. Both series are more premium than the “classic” Vans. In addition to the supporting narrative for each model, the higher product segment is reflected in the specific manufacturing factors. Compared to the regular releases, they have a slightly yellow midsole called off-white or marshmallow. Likewise, the higher “foxing”, which is the overlap of the rubber into the fabric upper of the sneaker, is noticeable on both special editions. This distinguishing feature is a result of the original approach to sneaker production, which required using a larger area between the midsole and upper to reliably stick the two parts of the shoe together. This manufacturing process results in a higher midsole of the Anaheim and Vault sneakers compared to the regular Vans production.

So what are the differences between the two product lines?

Finally, we come to the distinguishing features. The Anaheim series refers to the original California factory where the brand’s long and successful history began in the 1960s. That’s why the individual building blocks of the Anaheim pack are made in the original “retro” way – the shape, the materials, and the laces. The historical approach is also written into the names of the sneakers, which are usually not referred to as Old Skool or Sk8-Hi. Instead, the original numerical designations are used to distinguish the shoes when they were first launched, and the ‘modern’ names were not created until several decades later. So in the Anaheim Pack, you’ll find the 95 instead of the Era, the 44 instead of the Authentic, and look for the previously mentioned Old Skools under the number 36. In addition, you can recognize all the sneakers in this series by their DX markings. At the same time, the shape of the Anaheim Vans follows as closely as possible the original shape of the iconic models, which have experienced several changes over the decades on the market – almost unnoticeable to the naked eye, but obvious to the sneakerhead’s senses. The list of uniqueness is extended by the original materials, for example, the sneaker upper is noticeably thicker to the touch and the iconic red heel panel does not contain the later added word ‘originals’, unlike the Vault and all regular releases. In addition, almost all of the Anaheim series Vans have a unique type of Ultracush insole that gives you a much more comfortable walking experience compared to the regular models.

The Vans Vault series are classic models made of better materials but mostly a place for experimentation and collaborations with artists and designers. The price tag of the Vault sneakers is, therefore, a little higher, but you always get more for it, whether in terms of quality, comfort, or the message behind the released pair, because storytelling and overlap are connecting the models with this label. The Vans Vault comes in more limited quantities than the Anaheim Pack, so we’re super excited to sell them to you here at Footshop. When you’re looking for Vans Vault sneakers, you don’t need to remember the new terminology in most cases. The identifying feature is the letters LX in the name of each one. So just to recap, Anaheim = DX and Vault = LX.

Finally, a fact that doesn’t completely apply to individual sneakers but will help you navigate the whole issue a little better. While you can purchase the Vans Anaheim sneakers at the California brand’s official online and B&M distribution, the Vault series is purely the domain of select premium retailers like Footshop.


The main difference between the two series is that Anaheim is synonymous with retro icons produced in their original designs, materials, and shapes, while Vault is a more limited and premium division under which most collaborations and sneakers somehow go beyond the “normal” Vans brand. But whichever series you choose, you’ll always get more than the classic Vans. Higher quality materials, more comfort, and an overall more premium look. So check out both series on Footshop:

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