The name of the brand ASICS is an acronym for the Latin phrase Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, which, roughly translated, means “a healthy body houses a healthy soul”. The Japanese brand is known mostly for its specialised sneakers. Their design is always lively, but the emphasis is put on the practical utility, which is partly why they’re a favorite not only amongst runners.

High heels are probably never be popular for use on the treadmill, but running shoes are a popular part of streetwear. ASICS gained their popularity through their distinct designs and the technologies used in the production of them. So how do you pick a pair that suits your needs?

Running sneakers with maximal support

The sneakers from this category offer the most support, control, and are designed to deflect any excessive load. They feature the ASICS Duomax technology, which stabilizes your foot when you take a step. These sneakers offer the most stability and foot-to-ground contact.

Structured suspension sneakers

These sneakers offer a great combination of movement control and suspension. They aren’t as heavy and don’t offer as much support as the sneakers from the previous category, but this category is the most popular one, offering stability and foot support.

Neutral sneakers

The lightest sneakers ASICS has to offer. They support quick movements and comfortable contact with the ground. Sneakers from this category are ideal for neutral types of feet, that don’t need any extra support.

If you aren’t sure which category is ideal for you, try the ASICS Shoe Finder, which takes only two minutes to pick out the sneakers that are most suitable for you – keeping your feet and the ground in harmony. Also, take a look at our favourites, which we have plenty of in stock, so you can stroll into the new year with a brand new pair of ASICS.


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