This is how new sneakers come to you, in addition to which you will also find a houseplant, basil seeds, or a box of last resort in the box. Finally, we packed a new pair from the adidas x Sean Wotherspoon x atmos triple collaboration in a special box that can soon grow in your room as well.

As part of the release of adidas x Sean Wotherspoon x atmos Superturf Adventure sneakers, we wanted to prepare a project that would reflect Sean’s lifestyle. The legendary designer and streetwear icon loves nature, is vegan, and strongly supports the concept of sustainability – he, for example, is the owner of the iconic vintage store Round Two.

SNEAKERS AND A LITTLE bit of life added

The project’s main point is, in addition to the sneakers themselves, special boxes. We send them together with sneakers to some of our influencers, media partners, but especially thirty of you, who we randomly select from several people who buy sneakers from the mentioned cooperation at Footshop.

The unique wooden box contains the original box with a pair of shoes and many DIY accessories with a QR code. This will lead to our sustainability microsite, where you will find a tutorial on how to approach the individual parts of the box inside.


The first is a batik workshop. Through it, we wanted to point out how easy it is to create a new piece of clothing from things that everyone has at home. The dyes in the box are 100% natural, so working with them is not only accessible but also sustainable.

In each box, you will find a tote bag, on which you can try batik. Instructions on how to do this will be available on our YouTube channel. This means that you can try this activity whether you are one of the lucky boxing owners or not.

The second is a flower workshop. Inside the box, which is actually more of a box than a wooden box, you will find seeds and everything you need to make something out of them at home. At the same time, through the mentioned QR code, you will also receive instructions on how to take care of the results of your cultivation efforts so that they are as green as possible.

Are we done? No way. Sean’s special box, in addition to the material for both workshops, also include:

  • A custom engraved mug with all the ingredients and instructions on how to make Sean’s tea. You will then be able to satisfy your taste buds also in our store in Vnitrblock, where tea will be part of the thematic installation for this release.
  • KPZ box with things necessary for survival in nature, when everything else fails.
  • A small box for home growing herbs.

In addition, any paper you find inside the box is either recycled paper or paper containing seeds. Once you water the other type, you’ll see what grows out of it. And to explain whether the box will be really as green as in the photos, you will definitely need information that we will line its bottom with recycled cardboard and dried moss.

You have the last hours left, so register and get a chance to win sneakers adidas x Sean Wotherspoon x atmos Superturf Adventure together with our epic boxing.