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In the previous installments of this series, we gave you ideas on how to spend the spare time on your hands doing something worthwhile. Today we’ll look at this extra time from a completely different angle. We’ll be talking about the best way to kill time – gaming. Take this post as a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with occasionally wasting a couple hours in front of your Playstation.

Enjoy procrastinating

You definitely know this word. It follows you day and night, appearing every time you decide to spend a bit of time not doing something productive. But procrastination definitely isn’t as evil as people make it out to be. It would be hard to stay effective if you didn’t have any time for yourself at all.

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Go online

Currently, contact with other people should be kept on a minimum. But even with a situation like this, you can still have fun with your friends. Do you want to destroy them in the finals of the Champions league, in a free-for-all on an island or free them from a bunch of zombies?

I personally spend most of my time playing Apex Legends, FIFA, League of Legends, GTA V online, or Star Wars Battlefront. If you’re prone to the occasional fit of rage following a lost match, you should probably skip the first three titles. The quarantine is far from over yet, and spare mice, keyboards, and controllers don’t grow on trees.

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Go offline

Luckily, in single-player games, you can rely on yourself. Which is why it’s a good idea to sometimes go on an adventure of your own.

When I personally get into this mood, I hop onto Witcher, grab my horse, and go kill a few monsters. I would rather go into the sunny streets in a new pair of sneakers then wade through the mud in Geralt’s boots, but you have to make do.

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If you’ve read all the previous posts, don’t start anything productive today. There’s nothing wrong with a day of procrastination. We’ll talk more about it tomorrow, so till then, keep a bit of energy saved.

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