Vans was founded in sunny California, under a blue sky with the sounds of the surf in the background. Now, the legendary brand is paying tribute to a phenomenon more commonly associated with the world’s concrete jungles. However, they share one thing in common, a free spirit and a need for self-expression.

We’re talking about the Vans Spray Spots Pack, which is part of the Anaheim Factory series, representing the original shapes of the models made in the brand’s first factory. To be specific, it’s the Old Skool 36 DX, Sk8-Hi 38 DX and Era 95 DX silhouettes. Those numbers might be a bit confusing, but the explanation’s simple – titles like Old-Skool or Authentic caught on decades after their releases. Historically, the silhouettes were released under these numbers.

As I’ve already mentioned, it wasn’t graffiti culture that Vans relied on in their beginnings, but everything’s connected – street art’s roots go deep into the culture of cities around the world that Vans shares a lot in common with.

The new collection is full of spots, dots and colors, and now you, too, can own a pair from it. You’ll see that these aren’t regular Vans at first glance. And if you take a closer look at the midsole, at second glance too. So go ahead and explore the Spray Spots Pack collection.

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